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About Us

Farmers Marketplace for buy, sell & rent .

About Us

About Us
What is Hokar?
“Hoker” is a Hindi word that means through.
“Connecting Buyers with Sellers” is our motto. We are providing an e-platform
for sellers across the globe to seamlessly sell their products. We are providing an online
marketplace for all kinds of agricultural, dairy farming, aquaculture, poultry, farm
products, insecticides, and related machinery, equipment. We are India’s first and
fastest-growing online marketplace for agricultural products. We are enthusiastically
working in making life easier for our customers by continuously upgrading our
Our Mission.

Our mission is to empower our sellers to bring millions and billions of
buyers/customers to their doorstep at a distance of a click. Our goal is to support every
individual/seller to autonomously connect with buyers of their products. Our aim is to
help farmers/agriculturists to market and sell their products and helping them to
maximize their reach as well as benefit.

We are working round the clock to provide
you the best buying and selling experience our Vision.

How do I use this service?

You can post free ads on Hokar in few simple steps. Click on the Post free add button
on our Website or mobile app. Fill in the few details in the form and then you are all
set to post your ad completely free. You can choose the category for your ad, and this
will easily direct your buyers to it. You take a click of the product and upload it to
enhance your ad.
We make it fast and easy to buy or sell almost anything related to agro through your
mobile phone or on the web. All you need to is browse through our categories to find
your favorite product. Once you’re done choosing the product, you can directly
contact the buyer using the contact details found in the ad. You can set up a meeting
with the seller to buy the product. We owe our buyers and sellers best-merchandising
Hokar is made keeping simplicity as the criteria. You can search for products
category-wise through our search option. We are also providing a stable platform for
advertisers or users where they can advertise showcasing their offers and receive
quick responses.
We wish our customers all the best in finding the best products that suit your need
and match.